Gergin Simeonov

My name is Gergin Antonov Simeonov, born on 21th,September, 1975, in Sofia,Bulgaria. I lost my hearing because I had a high temperature. I have my parents who are all hearing. My mother is working as a teacher by bulgarian language and literature in her town, Batak, which is located westard about 130 km from Sofia.

She has been working for 30 years and is known for her efforts and dedication to the young children. My brother is studying in the third course in the university in Wichita Kansas State, USA. He has high marks and is the best example of all his student-mates. My father is working in the hotel in Detroit, USA. He is there to help my brother continue his education.

In my town, Batak, there are great and interesting museums where the most people from all the country come to visit sightseeing. The town had been taken by the Visantian (the Turkish slavers). Later it had been released from the Russian brothers. Batak is a mountainous town and there is a great and beautiful lake around.

I have grown up in the school for the deaf in the city of Plovdiv, located westard about 120 km from Sofia. One good teacher stimulated me reasonably and I started to learn more and still more. So I was pointed a good model to follow. I had high marks so I was called an ambitious, talented and decisive schoolboy. At the fourth class I started French and had been keeping on it for 6 years. Later I tried English and really loved it.

Since I have been teaching myself English and I still keep on it. After my graduating from high education I had my everlasting dream of continuing my education in the university in USA. I was greatly enthusiastic but I remained without chance because of the miss of the means. I even tried to publish my requests for the sponsorship in the local papers but again without result.

Since I had gone to another route and had decided to try lucky abroad with the hope of collecting means, necessary for the tuition in the university in USA.I have been going everywhere abroad to reveal myself, too. I learned much about the cultures, ways of the life and levels of the standards abroad. Soon I got to know one Bulgarian who is living in Stockholm and we started a free and pleasant talk.

He talked also of Sweden which made me interested. Soon he decided to invite me to open my eyes and to get informed of the position of the school for the deaf and hard-hearing and the way of running the organisation in Sweden. I got aqcainted with Nadia and she with pleasure hired herself to present me before the head of the school ”Nya Broskolan” and the teachers. I was pleasantly welcomed and glad that I will practice and to obtain the pictures of how the children develop themselves in the school. The teachers here are really kind, attentive and dedicative.

I hope I will be capable of applying their examples in the school for the deaf and hard-hearing in Bulgaria. I hope the teachers, in Bulgaria will get glad to get informed of your school and the organisation and to keep in touch with you. I would be obliged if you give info about the organisation for the children and the parents.

Thanks for your warm welcome.


Gergin Simeonov